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Chat enough shit about music so now I’m doing it online. The idea is to compile a playlist of my favourite tracks from each day, choose my ultimate favourite and tell you why it’s something you need to hear. No real focus; old shit, new shit, maybe just pure shit we’ll see.

There‚Äôs a twitter page linked somewhere on here so you can send me tracks if you’ve got something good.

Scroll down past King Yellowman and you can see what I’m on about.



Track Of The Day Friday 01/2/19

Crosshairs- DangerDoom (2005)

A.K.A MF Doom, JJ Doom, Viktor Vaughn, Madvillain, King Geedorah, Nehruviandoom and probably some others somewhere. Today’s track of the day started out as Jurass Finish First by Jurassic 5 which would’ve been an equally deserving choice. However as I began writing Crosshairs came on and the change had to be made. If you’re not familiar with Doom and the associated pseudonyms the man creates masterpieces. One of the largest discographies I can think of, the list is endless. Not only an incredible wordsmith, but a genre-defying producer too. His Special Herbs Volumes (under MF Doom) are some of the finest and most distinctive beats around.

Many of the alter-egos also feature an indispensable sidekick. This particular track, under DangerDoom, features writer and producer Danger Mouse. NehruvianDoom features the incredible lyricist Bishop Nehru (his track Exhale is brilliant) and of course Madvillain with the legendary Madlib.

Crosshairs itself is a masterpiece. A Blues-esque lead guitar coupled with the unavoidable bass riff, then in comes Doom alongside the Violins. If you rate it you’ll also be a fan of All Caps by Madvillain; So similar you’d think it’s the same person, ha.


Track Of The Day 26/01/19

That’s Alright- Oscar #worldpeace ft Ragz Originale

Fucked the whole concept of a track each day pretty quickly but this makes up for it. It could have been any one of Oscar’s songs the man is a talent. Coupled with the videos it’s madness.

I first listened to Oscar #worldpeace in 2015, a track called Right Now and I remember thinking it was hard but didn’t really listen to anything after that. Then I rediscovered him in 2018. I heard No White God and from there binged his videos on YouTube, each as good as the one before. That’s Alright was just a slight cut above. A Mike Skinner visual intro followed by this beat out of nowhere and the vocals of Oscar and Ragz Originale. Work of art.

One for all occasions go listen and support. He only wants change for a Twix.


Track Of The Day Wednesday 23/01/19

Hangman- Dave (2018)

3AM and I wanted to write out today’s track before I change my mind because it deserves its respect. The first time I heard Santan was a while back, I can’t remember specifically. The first track of his that properly stuck with me was Thiago Silva, alongside AJ Tracey in 2016.

I fall in and out of love with Grime nowadays. Old school stuff will forever be a large part of my listening. Kano forever and always, A Little Darker- the mixtape produced in 2006 by Akala and Ms Dynamite, with some real turn back the clock names like Wariko.

“Back when Ghetts was Ghetto”-Different: Bossman Birdie, Ghetts

I understand that Grime and Drill aren’t the same thing, but it’s clear there’s an influence of drill on Grime. I wouldn’t say I dislike it entirely, I like the distinct sound, a British reinvention of an American sound. It just isn’t the stuff I started listening to and still love.

That being said, there are still new-wave artists creating their own sounds that are genuinely interesting. Dave is a wordsmith, and this track is a perfect example of that. Every line is hard, incredible flow as standard and the video is simple but effective. The kind of track in which you hear something new every time you listen.

In no Dave track does he change his sound to fit a specific track, it sounds more like the track is fitted to him. That’s a credit to Santan and the producers he works with alike.

Watch the video while you’re here.


Track Of The Day: Tuesday 22/01/19

Actin Crazy-Action Bronson (2015)

For the first post in a series that no one cares about I felt compelled to find a new track to share with whoever may unintentionally navigate their way here. Instead I fell asleep and didn’t start writing this post until Wednesday. When I eventually decided to sit down and start writing, the first song to play in whichever playlist happened to be loaded on the laptop when I fell asleep meant I had to look no further for the track of the day (or day before). It wasn’t for any incredibly distinctive artistic or nostalgic reason, it’s not lyrical genius (Although bars like “I feel so alive I think I shit myself” could easily be generation-defying at this rate), it’s just fucking good. Bronson’s distinctive set of pipes makes every track sound better, and the beat is a bad boy.

It could’ve been any number of his tracks that popped up on shuffle that would’ve been worth choosing. He has his undeniable signature sound, but it’s incredibly versatile. In 2016 for example, Action Bronson appears on a track for the Suicide Squad soundtrack called Standing in the Rain. Also featuring on the track is Mark Ronson and The Black Keys front-man Dan Auerbach. It’s a banger, and to see a cross-genre collaboration between one of my favourite Hip-Hop artists and the band who pretty much introduced me to modern Blues-Rock was very refreshing.

Anyway I’ll stop paying homage to Mr. Wonderful now. There isn’t a lot I need to say about Action Bronson. If you know him you’ll know what I’m on about and if you took the time to discover him it wouldn’t take long for it to become apparent. He’s a funny guy too, check him out on YouTube you’ll be entertained for a while. Damn good Cook, give his book “Fuck, That’s Delicious” a read. He’s mad passionate about bagels.